Nymph Email -Writing Prompt Wednesday

Here’s another one thanks to Scholastic. I really like the tool, even though it’s for little kids. Good stories know no age, right?
If you want to try out the writing prompt slot machine, check it out:
“Write an email to an elegant nymph who is a spy from another kingdom”

To: “Phil” <onelastpill28@ploniawetmarsh.net>
From: “Jules” <luvz2swimz@altenwaterways.org>
Cc: “King Waz” <King@alten.gov>, “Merfolk group” <Mers@altenwaterways.org>

Hey, Philimena,

So, I don’t know if you know how Facebook privacy settings work, but that “invading enemy territory. Tolonia is lovely this time of year” post was set to public. Cute pic, btw. I think I “liked” it. I’m pretty sure this makes you the worst spy ever, though. Lol. You should probably just go back to your own stream now. I’m sure all the deities, sprites and tourists are missing you. You know that human and non humans travel the world to catch a glimpse of the elegant nymph who sometimes shows herself or asks favors of passers-by. Also we’ve got merfolk out looking for you. King Waz says that the bounty is the same whether they take you alive or dead, and they’re merfolk so I’d bet they go for dead since, you know, they’re merfolk. They probably won’t try to follow you through Hounds Rapids, so if you hurry you might get far enough in time. Anyway, just thought I’d give you a heads up. If you don’t get back to (email or text plz) I’ll just assume you’re dead. On the bright side, glad to see you took my advice on the new phone. Told you it was seriously waterproof. Who do you have charge it for you? There’s a centaur courier out here who will do it for me when he’s around or this one duck. I guess I shouldn’t tell you too much since you’re the enemy now, huh? Try not to get dead!


PS. If you don’t leave and the mer’s don’t kill you, I will. I’d hate to do it, but they’re going to channelize MY stream if I refuse, and you KNOW I can’t let that happen.

From the “depths” of Julie the water nymph.
Summer flooding happens- are YOU ready?

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