Memo: To Me When I Have a Teenage Girl

Sometimes I’ll be listening to a song when it’s just me in the car and I think “I like some really stupid music.” I know that the day will come when my daughters will introduce me to their favorite new songs and I will think “Kids and their stupid music these days,” just like every generation ever has.

So when that day comes, I’d like to remind myself of some of the ridiculous/gross/hard/ “too-X” music that I love.


System of A Down.

I really, really like/d  SOAD. Here’s a sample of the ridiculousness I will sing along to in my car:


From Chic ‘ N ‘ Stu

Ballgame’s in the refrigerator (I always thought it was “walk/ed in the refrigerator”)
Door is closed
Lights are out
Butter’s getting hard

What a splendid pie
Pizza-pizza pie
Every minute, every second
Buy, buy, buy, buy, buy


Mindless Self Indulgence

This music is my go-to when I’m so angry I just need to yell some nonsense in my car to chill out. This music MAKES ME HAPPY.


From Get it Up

I wanna make some babies, I wanna get it on!

I wanna make you horny, but I can’t get it up!

I wanna make some money, but I don’t want no job!


Or perhaps this snippet from Mastermind:

What’s that ruckus? What’s that ruckus?
What’s that ruckus coming through the night?
That’s right, that’s right, that’s right
This shit gonna turn your mama white

Or literally any MSI song. J


Tech N9ne

I basically only like the ridiculous songs by Tech N9ne. Which is a decent number of them from Everready and Absolute Power



Then along came three

Thirty six double D’s

Sizes kissin’ and lickin’ on me

An’ they comin’ to do what

Wake my dude up

But one of them bitches bit me on the neck and drew blood


Then the other and the others

Instead of bud lovers

I’m trapped with blood suckin’ motherfuckers for eternity


And of course….


Dethklok- I mean, the band is animated- and not like Gorillaz (which I also love) is animated where it’s a band and then they’re animated, I mean they’re FROM a cartoon.


From Briefcase Full of Guts

Punch your card ’cause your working day has started

and you’re pushing hard for employee of the month

You got your tools of business and

They’re bloodied by your clients and

You’re off to work with your

Briefcase full of guts


From Birthday Dethday

Many years ago today

Something grew inside of your mother

That thing was you


From Dethharmonic

I want to keep my money

And give away absolutely nothing


Obviously I like a wider range of music and most of what I like isn’t offensive or gross or about pizza, but these are some of the songs that if I said “Mom!! Listen to my new favorite song!” She’d probably have turned the stereo off and thrown the CD out the window. :p

What about you? What would you be embarrassed for your kids to know that you love? Or what do you think the future of music is?

(The title of this post is a throwback to a book I once read a long time ago about a teenage girl who made memos to her future self abut how she would handle situations. I don’t remember the exact title and can’t find it online.)


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