Getting Random, Part 2

Perhaps you remember a while back when I posted “Getting Random”.

I randomized every aspect of a story and was going to write an outline of an interactive historical/epic, about the hero “Dom Justice” who just walked out on his partner and another character is a safe cracker who has photos of the hero  (to paraphrase).


Thanks to my brother, who sent this link to 1920s slang to everyone at work, I have decided on a historical period! And it helped me to decide on a few more character details and plot points.


Dom Justice, hired gun (torpedo), walks out on his flapper girlfriend who knows nothing of his profession after someone shoots at him. He wants to get her out of the line of fire. After he leaves he meets a moll, the beautiful “survivor archetype” safe cracker Mabel. Mabel has pictures of Dom that prove that he is behind some deaths. Since his former employers are after him and Mable could get the police after him, he has to listen to her.


Your first choice comes when Mable asks you to murder her boyfriend, an underboss who she says has information on who was sent to kill you.


1-      Yes- main story continues

2-      No- side story continues

3-      Do it now- boyfriend anticipates it. You lose


Main story- she lays out her plot, you carry it out, she leaves you in a hotel room, poisons you and steals your car.


1-      Try to make it to the front desk

2-      Try to go after her

3-      Try to sleep it off


You wake up in a hospital (assuming you DO wake up) and realize that she has also tried to kill you. She comes in, dressed as a nurse to finish the job. You fight her off and she breaks down, telling you that she wanted to tie up loose ends. But you’re just so handsome and rugged and manly- won’t you stay with her and protect her.


  1. Not a chance. She tried to kill me!
  2. There’s something about her that you trust. Fine. You’ll do it.
  3. She still has those pictures. You’ll stick around long enough to get them back.



That’s all I have of the main story line so far. Maybe ever. I think next time I go random I’ll leave “interactive” out as an option. It’s way too complicated as an exercise!





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