Welcome to My Worlds

Great Minds

– A war tore the country apart and ravaged the landscape, forcing people to retreat to the fantastic Sky Town. After years of hard wear and losing much of the once hopeful city, the resources are dwindling. Anala Ramsey has a solution- an innocuous plant named CX-13 will turn the city around. But time is too limited, they need to jump start the process and her solution involves sending a retrieval team out of the city. Her best friend Velena escapes the city and an undesired marriage. It isn’t long before they find themselves on opposite sides of their own war.

The Beast (La Bete du Hollywood)

– There’s more to LA than beaches and celebrities. Jade Greene learns the hard way at a gas station one night when a handsome stranger offers her a ride.

The Void

– Antonia is a TV “weather girl” and a Zumba instructor, known locally for her pretty face and figure. She’s also aware of elementals, people who can control or become different elements. The night she meets Nathan at Thirteenth Floor, an elemental bar, she discovers that she has her own elemental abilities. She’s a void, an anti-elemental, and can absorb the power of other elementals. Nathan has a rare power, too and both become valuable pawns in a war between those interested in maintaining balance in nature and those interested in ruling it, and humankind with it.

Heidi’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure (needs a title!)

-Heidi has spent the last few months stuck on a cruise ship at sea while every continent was ravaged by a plague. She is released and travels alone to find her family, until she sees a shiny new mode of transportation. The motorcycle belongs to Curtis Surefoot, a man with no direction and a crossbow bolt in his chest. They travel together after realizing they’re both targets of the “Greyshirts”, a widespread group of kids and teenagers who have created their own system of law and order. When Heidi and Curtis reach The Family, Curtis’ dark past is revealed when he is recognized. Heidi has a secret of her own, one they may not survive.

Party Ghoul

– Sabina is really a poor little rich girl, an orphaned “adult” with more money than friends. When she suspects her mysterious boyfriend of cheating on her, she follows him to a mansion. He is killed in front of her and she is forced to take his place in a vampire Harem. Party Ghoul follows her rise and fall, her capture and her freedom, and the emotional, mental and physical consequences of all of it.


-Jasmine is a jewel thief. Her little dog, too. When the perfect mark comes to town, she is already suspected and trying to “play normal” and have a social life.
-Sunshine Rhea is a detective, recently transferred from a city with bigger,  stranger cases than these.

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