This Year’s Resolutions- Almost halfway there…

I know it’s not the beginning of the year, but it’s been a rough ride and I feel like I can pick today to be a fresh start.

Not that I’ve been lazing around, I’ve been churning out fiction as much as ever, learning from everywhere and everyone I can, reading a lot, and doing all the usual things- mourning, growing, changing, stressing, making mistakes, having small wins, and I got a dog! If you follow me on any social media, you probably know that already. His name is King Louis L’amore Vuitton.

So here’s my plan for this year-

  • Do something more with Electrocutioner.

-If you think a pauper to prince elemental story with a sprinkling of free love, murder, and a lot of drinking sounds fun- go read it now!

-It’s still available for free via Inkitt for now, but remember that it’s not fully edited yet! It’s a little difficult to put something out there like this, it feels kind of like I’m inviting people to watch me shower or something. It’s not perfectly packaged for an audience yet, it needs a little work, but people are reading it so if you can look past the occasional typo and grammatical error you should give it a try.

  • Niomay’s Choice

– This will be the first in a fantasy series, it started as a short story, but now it’s more of a prequel. This is the story of a king’s mistress, suddenly set aside. She won’t go quietly, so she’s sentenced to death. Fate has other plans for her, or at least for the twins she doesn’t even know are growing inside her.

– I’m going through revisions now, hopefully I’ll have it fully edited and ready to release before the end of the year. This will be e-book only, and I’ll start on the main series later this year.

  • The Fairy Tale series…

-I’ve been working on a couple novels based on various fairy tales, set in different worlds and time periods. I hope to have the first of these ready to self publish by the end of the year, and two or more ready for next year. I’m very excited, and I do think the world needs another fairy tale reboot, if you’re like me and you can’t get enough, and you want to see a slightly more serious take on the classics (than Ever After High and other children’s books taking on fairy tales) I think you’ll find a few favorites in my series.

I have a couple super secret projects that aren’t ready to name or announce or move forward with JUST yet, but I’m ready to hustle this year and make some magic happen. Wish me luck!

And join me on Instagram and Facebook if you haven’t already- I’ll be posting questions for you about your reading habits, so come join the discussion, you might get some good ideas!


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