Happy New Year, Everyone

2015 has been a very intense year.

January 1, 2015 I was pretty hungover, if I remember correctly. Then the year really took off.

I got engaged,lost my job, downsized my living space, got married, released my debut and second novels, and so many more smaller things.

It was a good year, overall. I need 2016 to be a good year, too. And I think it will be.

I’ve got all the usual desires- eat better, exercise more, spend more time being happy with my kids, friends and family. I want to write more and slack less. I want to find a maid service that just comes in to do dishes (Because, seriously I can get someone to come clean my house topless, but not someone who washes dishes), meal plan sometimes, and maybe sometimes kinda drink less. I need to spend less, save more, and pay more attention to the passage of time. I need to read. I want to knit a “Sky Blanket” to chronicle the days.

With  all of the things that I want to accomplish, I’m happy with what 2015 brought, even though it also came with a lot of pain.

I guess that’s it. Have a great 2016 everyone. 2015 is almost over. Leave it behind and keep moving forward. We all end up in the same condition, so let’s all be good to each other on the way.


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