Guess who’s getting hitched?

The last year has been an absolute, chaotic whirlwind, but on New Year’s Day, my boyfriend became my fiance.

The day started off…. okay. We were planning on a little picnic on the beach and hanging out doing things that we like doing. My dad agreed to watch the kids for the day, so we dropped them off with my parents and then started to get ready for the day. We decided that the archery range would be a great start to the year, so we loaded up our bows into the trunk, and I put some pants (that don’t quite fit right) and a long sleeved shirt on. He kept hinting that I should wear a dress until I basically yelled that I’m not wearing a dress to the archery range and to the cold winter-beach. He was basically wearing a suit and his new dress shoes. (He likes to look nice, so it wasn’t totally out of character.)

We left late for everything because he drank a little too much at the (amazing) New Year’s Eve party we went to and he was hungover. He tried to stay in bed and cuddle for a little bit but I wanted none of that.

We picked up some picnic food from the grocery store deli- samosas, broccoli salad, we had grapes and water.

The archery range was full- the overflow parking dirt lot was packed, so we didn’t actually get to shoot at all. It was the one day out of the week that basically defines Southern California weather- a clear, gorgeous day. So everyone was trying to do the same things we were.

Determined to stay in good spirits (and I was starving), we went out to the beach to look for parking. Everyone was at the beach, and he said “Well, today is one day that I don’t mind paying for parking.”

So we paid, we parked, we found one spot on a cliff that wasn’t occupied or in the way and we set up our little picnic. I brought my drop spindle and some roving, and it was very relaxing to be able to eat and spin and just be with him at the beach above the water.

After we ate (and we realized that we easily could have eaten twice as much as what we brought), he invited me to walk out onto the point with him and I hesitated to leave my spindle behind. He said “Leave it! You can live without it for 5 minutes!” I left it.

He led me out to an empty spot (across from the climbers) and put his arm around me. We stood there for a minute, probably talking or something, and then he says, “Well, hopefully you’re nice and full now, ready to make a decision?”

I had no idea what he was talking about, I assumed it was said, “About what?”

He reached into his jacket pocket and got down on one knee, suddenly shaking like he was going to faint.

“Will you marry me?”


He got up, we kissed, we hugged, we moved out of the way of some hikers. I threatened to take it back, he threatened to push me off the cliff. After we went back to our picnic, we looked out at the water as the sun started to set and saw a pod of dolphins playing. A few minutes later, a seal was hanging out near the shore below us and a little while after that, we saw a bunch of what looked like were seals jumping out of the water in the distance. It was beautiful, magical, and perfect.

And it was only a few minutes before the beauty and magic gave way to questions about dates, budgets, colors and parties.

It was a great way to start the year, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it.


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