Starting a Podcast Soon. Need Advice.

My boyfriend, my brother and I are planning to start a podcast. We’re still trying to figure out what our angle will be. We’re thinking that each week, one of us will choose our main topic, then we’ll talk about any projects we’ve been working on, talk about nerdy things like cosplay (since it keeps coming up and it offers a range of projects from sword making to sewing to sculpting to painting and makeup), and maybe end it with some clips of us trying to play some kind of obscure game (like Caravan, from Fallout: New Vegas, or Victorian Board games, or whatever else). We’re thinking about doing dramatic readings of stories or book excerppts (mine included, but not exclusively), reviewing things, and we’ve been kicking around some other ideas as well.
Also we’ll be drinking. And by drinking I mean somewhere on the spectrum of buzzed to drunk.
I think about my favorite podcasts and they’re all loosely-structured, lightly edited and very organic and fun. Ours will range from lightly to heavily edited, since there’s a chance that someone or everyone will get stupid and ruin the conversation a few times. Also, it wouldn’t be fin to listen to an hour of us trying to play a board game…. (Only selected clips and maybe a general impression of the game?)

We’re still in the planning phase and trying to decide on the equipment. We’re thinking about getting this microphone (affiliate link)- Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone (Titanium Black)
since the reviews and the price are great.
Do any of you dear readers podcast? What equipment do you recommend?
Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorite?

I like a lot of the How Stuff Works podcasts (SYSK, SMNTY, Stuff You Missed in History), a couple of the Maximum Fun shows (Throwing Shade, Sawbones, Oh No Ross and Carrie), some OTR (Old Time Radio) shows (I love “The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio” and “The Horror”), and “We’re Alive” (a zombie radio drama which I think has ended but I haven’t listened to all of them yet. I also listen to “I Should be Writing” and a few others.

So anyway, what are your recommendations/what do you think of the idea? I won’t be doing most of the editing, I’ll mostly be drinking, talking and thinking up some of the topics. :p.


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