Getting Random (writing exercise)


I recently got the suggestion to use a plot generator and write up a quick “treatment” of the story that would result in order to “get random”.

So I started thinking. What If I got really random? With copies of Story Structure Architect and 36 Dramatic Situations, a random number generator, and (just for kicks) a random name generator- I got to work getting really, really random.


So here’s what I came up with. Randomly.


Random Name: Dom Justice


Genre: Historical/Epic


Master Structure: INTERACTIVE (Yes; that DOES mean choose your own adventure.)


Dramatic Situation #3: Crime Pursued by Vengeance

Sub-situation B3: Revenge for an attempted slaying


Plot Generator says: “The story starts out when your protagonist walks out on a partner. Another character is a safecracker who has a collection of photographs of your protagonist.”


Okay, so the only thing that really throws me off is the interactive structure. I loved choose-your-own-adventure books as much as the next kid, and I DO play video games where sometimes your decisions affect your outcome or direction, but I don’t know how to write or draft something like that. I considered going for a reroll to get a new master structure, but… it’s certainly not going to hurt anything to try.


Since I can’t imagine quickly drafting an EPIC interactive, it will have to be plain old historical. And that means a LOT more research than I wanted to get into for a quick creative writing exercise.


But since the patent for the burglar proof safe was file in 1835, the story won’t take place before that. No safes, no safe crackers.

Also there’s the problem of interactive novels usually being presented as YOU are the hero. So how to combine that with Dom Justice other than to tell you that “YOU ARE DOM JUSTICE”? Is that good enough? I guess it will have to be.

So then we go along with- who’s the partner? Who’s the attempted victim? Who’s the attempted killer? What role does the safe cracker play? What’s the significance of the photos? (I guess those put a limit on the historical time period as well.) What possible outcomes are there? What choices can you make to get to them?


I’ve got my work cut out for me with this “quick exercise”!


So how about you? Give it a try, see what you come up with. If you can give me your outline/summary/or just what you got to work with in 500 words or less, leave it as a comment. If you can’t, post a link to it! Or just tell me what you think of the idea!


Coming soon- my overly complicated outline of this monstrosity?


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