It seems like all of time is a time of transition, and it’s too easy to be a boring protagonist in my own life. So, to stop that from happening, I’ve decided to post some of my goals for the whole world to see. And parts of my plan/s to achieve them.
I need to:
Eat better and Exercise more(okay, I’m also like, so cliché)
Blog at least once a week (even during finals)
Choreograph a solo for one of the belly dancing shows this year
Get through this revision, this month
Have a new first draft by October
Have a plan for NaNoWriMo (I’ll still “pants” it, but at least know a little more before it starts)
Get an A in all my classes :p
Make time for relaxing and cuddling
Remember that I’m not the only one under stress… and act accordingly
Those are the goals.
I would love to say that setting deadlines and reminders would work for me, but the truth is… it won’t.
Life gets in the way of living. Three kids, two adults, being broke, etc all have an impact. As well as a few other personal details which I’m not ready to share with the world just yet. Holding things in, which I may be occasionally guilty of, also doesn’t help.
Depression or general unhappiness can make hours of TV seem like a really good option. Why stress and worry and participate in real life drama when I can just breeze through someone else’s from the comfort of my big comfy couch? “Just one episode before I work out” frequently turns into “wow, great season! I’d better get to bed.”
Productivity goes down the drain along with any kind of exercise or consciousness of diet. Which, of course, only makes it worse.
I had this problem recently and then I broke the dam. I drafted a coworker as my temporary BFF and confidante, and UNLOADED. I let everything out, and I felt much better. I was ready to continue on with the frosty silence I shared with my partner. However, on the same day, my partner initiated the conversation that started the fight that cleared the air that made it easy to breathe again. That tension was dead after a day long text-based fight.
Of course, fighting doesn’t always make it better. Neither does improving diet or exercise habits. But this time around, clearing the air and realizing that I am right where I need to be did the trick.
So then what? A fresh outlook, concrete goals… time for action!
Oh, right, I don’t have steps, just goals. And you can’t act on goals without steps or direction.
To eat better and exercise more- buy food. Make a list of good snacks and convenient (notconvenience) foods before the next grocery trip. Have a variety ready at all times. Meal planning doesn’t work for me, invariably the food I have planned is the one thing that makes me sick just thinking about it. Having a variety of minimally processed foods on hand (in the pantry, on the counter or in the freezer) makes it a lot easier to eat better.
I have some great videos and apps to help with the exercise. I’ll aim for 30 minutes, 4 days a week. If I REALLY don’t want to do it- I’ll give it 3 minutes. If I STILL don’t want to do it or don’t feel well, I’ll quit. And I’ll pick the days ahead of time.
Blogging is something that I’ve wanted to get started at for a while. After all, I write all the time. I should be able to write! (Right?) I need to plan my topics and ideas ahead of time and start working on them quickly. I’ll use some writing prompts and exercises as posts and welcome other people to post their responses and their “takes” on the same assignment.
Choreography can be done almost anywhere at any time. It’s easy enough to listen to the music, think of moves that go with it, and jot them down. Then, at home, try it out in front of a mirror. I overthink it too much, and that’s why I haven’t had a new dance in a while. Pick a song, pick a prop (optional) and go!
I’ve been making a lot of progress on this revision so far. I’ve already got a few plot points and details tossed into my outline (in blue to indicate they need to be added), some highlighted in red (to be changed or removed) and I’ve already overhauled the first 5 chapters (of 26). I did three in one day, sitting at Starbucks. I don’t expect that that will continue, especially when I start school, but even if I do one a day or more, I’ll make it.
In order to have a new first draft in October AND a plan for NaNoWriMo, I’ll jot down my ideas and start to refine them into workable plots/characters/ideas. I can do this at work, driving home, or at any random unused time I have. After my revisions are done, I’ll pick one and I should have at least 3 months to make it into a decent first draft.
I don’t anticipate any problems getting a good grade. My class isn’t very early or late, I’ll have plenty of time to study after classes and get homework done, etc. I have all the tools I need. I jst need to make sure to put homework and organization of school stuff FIRST, then exercise, then writing, then everything else… I should be golden.
Making time… that’s the hardest one. I think that right before bed is the best bet. After all the important things are taken care of, it’s time for relaxation, cuddling and “just one episode”.
I tend to react badly when my partner starts to shut down, and he reacts badly when I am very… blunt. When I notice that there is extra stress going around, I need to walk on eggshells a little. When he knows that I’m not attacking, I can go back to normal (aka attack mode).
These aren’t really the detailed steps that I’ll be taking, but posting all that would be really boring.
So, I know that this wasn’t a very informational or entertaining post, but they probably won’t ALL be the greatest thing I’ve ever written. This one is important, and it’s for me. If you made it this far, what are some of your goals, action steps, or tips to get to your goals?

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