Unkind is the first in a series “fairy tale recurrences”. It is based on a fairy tale in which sisters encounter the same fairy in disguise. One sister is nice, so she is “blessed”. Every time she speaks, jewels and flowers come out of her mouth. The other sister refuses to scoop water from a well for the fairy and she is cursed. Every time she speaks, snakes and toads fall from her mouth.

Set in the modern age, Unkind is a retelling of one of my personal favorite fairy tales.

Ella and Mia look like they have it all. They are top students, athletes, and involved in their community. Colleges are lining up to give them money, which is good, because they have none. Their single mom works hard to keep the roof and the lights, and the girls help out when it comes to food and school supplies.

When the girls meet a homeless old woman, Ella offers her a few dollars, but Mia worries about food. The old woman blesses Ella and curses Mia.

The girls can no longer excel in school. A speech champion, Mia is silenced. Ella is uncomfortable and she buys their way into a new school where no one knows them.

First chapter preview and cover art reveal, coming soon! (along with a much better blurb)